Robb RillManaging Director

    Robb founded The Strategic Group PR back in 1998 as a platform for expressing his core belief that to have a true edge you have to be willing to look at things differently and seek to explore opportunities around the edges of markets. A strong entrepreneurial spirit led him to move from a corporate role in investment banking in order to pursue his own path. He started his journey in investing by starting his own Hedge Fund focused on the short side. His contrarian spirit served him and his fund well. Drawing on his experiences from working in investment banking, he developed strategies with a focus on identifying flawed businesses and fraud in the microcap market space. He would uncover mispricing and fraud and expose them through the media and the SEC. His fund achieved outsized alpha from 1998 to 2005 before short selling restrictions hampered his main strategy. He then set about developing a broader investment business, build upon the foundations of his core beliefs and the experiences he had gathered from managing the fund. He now oversees a proprietary PE company that focuses on acquiring and developing financial services, investment and technology businesses with a strong stakeholder mentality.

    Always the pioneer, he ventured to the island of Puerto Rico as one of the first ten recipients of the new tax incentive laws intended to incentivize asset managers to relocate there in 2013. He and his business has since then called Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico, home. During his time on the island, he and his family have founded the 20/22 Act Society, an organization with several hundred members, which has become a hub for tax grant recipients which are primarily, but not exclusively, hedge funds and private equity businesses seeking to operate in this advantageous framework. The Society is engaged in social and civic activities and acts as conduit for linking new residents to local causes.

    Robb is a noted thought leader, and his work has been profiled in several prominent publications including Bloomberg, Business Week and Reuters. He takes pride in mentoring and developing people both in his businesses and his civic organization. Under his leadership a strong sense of community and an identifiable culture runs through all his ventures. He has an MBA in Finance and a BS in Business Administration from the University of Florida.