The Strategic Funds

The Strategic Group (“TSG”), founded in 1996 and based in Dorado Beach Puerto Rico since 2013, is a diversified asset management holding company that engages in proprietary investments in private equity and alternative investment strategies. The founders of TSG launched The Strategic Funds, LLC (“TSF”) in 2018 to offer certain curated alternative investment strategies to accredited, high-net worth individuals and institutions.

These strategies are offered through Strategic Capital Advisors, LLC (a registered Commodity Trading Advisor) via managed accounts and Strategic Capital Fund Advisors, LLC (an exempt private fund advisor) via private fund offerings and managed accounts as further described herein.

The foundation of our trading is systematic, following rules-based logic designed to capitalize on the latest research and technology.

Our individual strategies may be used to enhance returns or to minimize downside risk. We also offer custom portfolio solutions, including creating exposures to hedge or enhance specific factors in client’s portfolios.

An allocation to one of our strategies has the potential to offer diversification benefits which may be especially valuable in the context of traditional long-only portfolios containing bonds and equities and even other alternatives such as Private Equity. Our strategies have risk/return profiles and volatility characteristics that are notably differentiated. Our proprietary ML/AI driven trading models have embedded risk management that is automatically deployed in response to changing levels of risk and on the flipside, automated to harness opportunity in volatility.

We believe that our senior executive’s backgrounds in evaluating and investing in hedge fund managers and commodity trading advisors across all strategies since 1990, coupled with our experience in directly managing client capital in the equity and futures markets, gives us a distinctive advantage in identifying, evaluating, and structuring access to exceptional strategies for our clients.

Our mission is to identify distinct strategies that are uncorrelated with major market indexes; to create efficient access for our clients; to support our client’s understanding of the essentials of our strategies and how they can be accretive to their portfolios and to manage each individual strategy to achieve its objectives.