Col. Robert SchaeferLeadership Education and Development (LEAD) Coach

    Col. Schaefer is a retired U.S. Army Special Forces officer (Green Beret), diplomat, and senior international defense expert with over 28 years working with senior foreign defense and military officials. He earned a Masters Degree from Harvard University, and is also a Franklin Covey certified instructor for the 7 Habits Signature and Managers courses. His complete list of accolades, the level of discipline and tenacity that he brings to TSG, along with the quality of the material he creates for our stakeholders, is unparalleled by most. In 2015, Col. Robert Schaefer taught the first 7 Habits course that TSG participated in. Shortly after, he was invited to join the company on more of a permanent basis to serve as our dedicated Leadership Education and Development Coach. Since joining us, he has continued to teach more courses. Most recently, he developed, from the ground-up, a course specially designed to supplement the teachings found in the Principles book. In addition to instructing, he provides conflict resolution coaching by utilizing his own uniquely-created EMP+ technique, and delivers one-on-one guidance to stakeholders who need and desire to refine their work habits and leadership techniques.