We invest in building meaningful relations for building successful and resilient businesses that can lead to better returns and economic growth that benefits everyone

Our Mission

Founded in 1996, The Strategic Group, a boutique, multi-national private equity firm, that acquires, invests in, develops, and successfully operates companies across a multitude of diverse industry types with our core competency being finance and technology. The organization was built upon a foundation that centers around three core values—honesty, loyalty, and performance—and the mentality that we provide opportunities for stakeholders rather than jobs for employees. We invest not only in companies, but also in our stakeholders by promoting personal growth and professional development and fostering an environment that encourages sharing with others.

As the management team for The Strategic Group, we are first and foremost responsible for creating and maintaining a culture that is based on Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. To accomplish this, we lead by example to instill the values and philosophies behind Covey’s teachings, mentor our stakeholders to change unwanted habits and inefficiencies, and move the company and its stakeholders towards common goals, profitability, and unparalleled success. We consistently strive to:

  1. Be proactive
  2. Begin with the end in mind
  3. Put first things first
  4. Seek first to understand, and then to be understood
  5. Think win-win
  6. Synergize
  7. Sharpen the saw

We also more specifically live by the Principles established by Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Capital. We practice in our personal and professional lives “Radical Truth and Transparency” and run our organization based on an idea, implementation, and stakeholder meritocracy vs. top-down management. We measure success by establishing clear objectives and well-defined goals called OKR’s (Objective Key Results) and providing our stakeholders with the resources they need to be effective, and successfully engaging and inspiring our stakeholders to reach new heights.

We are the epitome of “Strategic Material,” and we hold our stakeholders accountable for operating at “Strategic Speed,” which is not defined as merely acting fast, but rather acting with appropriate speed, timeliness, efficiency, and effectiveness, and with little to no wasted motion.

We are great leaders, empathetic listeners, reliable mentors, and experienced facilitators. We advocate for our stakeholders and encourage them to collaborate in order to find a third alternative, the highest and best possible solution to all challenges. Additionally, we continuously strive to foster effective communication.

Ultimately, and without bias to any particular portfolio company, we are responsible for delivering the highest level of effective management possible to our investments, professionally representing the organization at all times, and ensuring that our standard operating procedures are routinely reviewed and refined to maintain efficiency and effectiveness for all of our portfolio companies.

It is with these unwavering abilities and competencies that we are able to confidently and successfully lead and guide our firm and its stakeholders through new and challenging uncharted territory.

Individually, each member of the management team is extraordinary; and collectively, as a cohesive team, we can achieve what others think is impossible.

Our Leadership